Norton Family Pottery

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I'm Mickey Norton.........a self taught artist who discovered a love for pottery in 1983 while serving time in Fort Leavenworth Prison (USP Leavenworth). Early on and captured in my logbook it states “Through pottery I found myself.” It was a labor of love that helped pass time while a Federal Agent facilitated my release due to unjust incarceration. I've continued as a potter since my release in 1987. Although limited since, I've reacquainted myself with my passion along with my wife and son. All work has been privately acquired and collected by connoisseurs of fine art including Entrepreneurs, Baron’s, Doctor’s, Attorneys, and members of High Society. None of my work has been sold in any retail environment. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and are signed, numbered, and cataloged.  We have a very limited production of between 20-35 pieces per year.  Anyone interested in purchasing a piece of pottery or would like to discuss something custom please contact me below.