Remember Everyone Deployed “RED Friday”

Until they all come home...

Until they all come home...

In many ways RED Friday is something we say, post about or wear our favorite red shirt. Ok so that’s not you but it is for many which I why I decided to write a post about it.

Just remember that the ability to spend your weekend with family and friends is because someone, many someone’s, are deployed around the world keeping our country free and safe. 

They aren’t home for the birth of their first child, first steps, prom, birthdays and so many more special days and events. Yes I understand they volunteered. Hell I was one of those volunteers for over 20 years. But that doesn’t make the sacrifice any less meaningful or hard.  

So on this RED Friday and every one to come please start your day with a prayer for those serving all over the world. It’s honestly the least we can do!